Global Beauty Trends of 2021

Let's take a look at the most influential global trends that we predict will be shaping the year for the world of beauty.

Beauty is everyone's right:

This past year has already shown us that one of the most important things is individuality. You, as a beauty user, have seen it all and are tired of putting it in the defined category. Now you want the freedom to choose from a wide range of choices and colors to suit your needs. Beauty experts say "no more" to describe a product as "too old / too masculine / too fancy" to use. We are here for you. Choose a fragrance that suits your mood. Choose a moisturizer that will make your skin happy. Proudly ignore age labels on makeup. The world is your power and you are not taking anyone's praise for what it means to be you.


Natural & Environment-Friendly:

Natural products have reached the peak of your interest as a consumer. However, now you are demanding more from natural brands. It's not enough to be natural anymore, the product has to be environmentally conscious and really work really well. Due to this new demand, natural products are now betting on biotechnology and getting better formulas so that they can truly compete with what is on the market. You have created a new trend: Exquisite natural products. Now you are looking for proven natural products. Because of your reasonable demand, we expect brands to reduce waste packaging, refine formulas, and make best environment-friendly products.


Skincare essentials:

The survey indicates that skincare brands are gaining popularity in improving component transparency. Consumers want to know what's in their products, and rightly so. This additional pressure has led companies to move to more sustainable formulas, whether by reducing packaging, formulations, or carbon footprint. According to PhD, founder of Codex Beauty and a member of the EWG board, "If you can't make sustainable choices when you make a product, even if it costs you more, you Will not be able to develop a brand. "

Skincare essentials

Antibacterial hair care:

Considering that the average person touches their hair 10 times in an hour, it is probably contaminated with a whole host of bacteria and viruses that you cannot see. As a solution, brands (see: Safe Hair and Bio Silk) are starting to develop antibacterial haircare; Products with antimicrobial disinfecting agents (shampoos, cleansing sprays, etc.) that kill germs when removing dirt and grime.


As you can see, unlike other years, 2021 beauty trends are not about amazing new ingredients. It's all about you, your individuality, taking care of yourself, and being sensible in a moment when it's hard to do.

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